What Are the Popular Options for Resurfacing a Driveway?

Resurfacing a Driveway

Sooner or later, we all look at our driveway and realise it is time to do something about it. It might be a tarmac job, or concrete, and before you decide to resurface with the same material, here are a few popular choices with UK homeowners for installing a driveway.

  • Resin Bound Aggregate – We all love a small pebble drive, and but for the endless problem of loose stones, it would make for an ideal solution. Resin bound involves thoroughly mixing the clear resin and the aggregate prior to application thus eliminating loose stones, and it looks stunning too. A resin drive will have the elasticity to move with the shifting temperatures, and for many UK homeowners, resin bound ticks all the boxes.
  • Block PavingSome of the best driveways in Derbyare classic examples of block paving, with rich colours and amazing patterns, and once installed, it is pretty much maintenance free; the odd power wash will keep it clean. The blocks are semi-permeable and water drains through, so there are no puddles. If installed correctly, there will be drainage under the paving to allow water to drain away, and it can be sealed, which protects the surface.
  • Poured Concrete – There are some stunning designs, and with every colour imaginable, concrete offers a stylish feature that will stand the test of time. The list of finishes is endless, so there’s something for everyone, and with a professional installation, you have a solid and dependable driveway that will take heavy vehicles.

Whatever material you choose, make sure that the supplier knows what he is doing, and for a fair price, you will have a stunning driveway that will be the envy of the neighbours.

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