Washing Dafi pitchers in the dishwasher

The fact is important that the majority of people pay attention to the quaity of drinking water. It is connected with the increase in users of Dafi filter pitchers. Abovementioned pitchers give the opportunity to improve the water quality in a fast and convenient way. Because of Dafi pitchers we can without any worries drink clean water. Many people wonder if a Dafi pitcher can be washed in a dishwasher. As everyone knows, the dishwasher is currently part of almost every kitchen equipment. If we buy products or dishes, many people ask the seller once if the item can be washed in the dishwasher. The same applies to Dafi pitchers. It has been noticed that people are more likely to buy products that can washed in the dishwasher. These products also include Dafi filtering pitchers.

Be careful about electronics

If we talk about Dafi pitchers, there is only one element that cannot be washed in a dishwasher and it is a cover of a pitcher because it consists of LED indicator which informs us about approaching the date of filter replacement. When the replacement is necessary the red color will appear on the cover. LEDs which are placed on the cover are completely electronic and work on the battery. That is why the cover of the pitcher cannot be washed in the dishwasher. After all, we cannot expose electronic elements to flooding. In summary, the cover should be cleaned by hand and with due care. Thus, the remaining elements of the pitcher can be washed in the dishwasher without any worries.

Dishwasher means savings and convenience

Let’s notice that dishwashers which are available on the market nowadays are ergonomic devices, at the same time economical and ecological. It is worth to underline that thanks to the dishwasher we save not only water and electricity but also our time. What is important, the skin on our hands does not suffer. The fact is also important that reducing energy consumption as well as reducing waste water emissions is a huge benefit for the environment. Among other things, for this reason, Dafi filtering pitchers are so often chosen by users of dishwashers.

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Apart of the cover with electronic components, the Dafi pitcher can be loaded into the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes without hesitation. Let’s notice that using water in the dishwasher in comparison to the traditional way of washing dishes in the sink is more than three times smaller – some producers even speak about reducing it five times. What is important, the possibility to wash Dafi pitchers in the dishwasher is a huge advantage and convenience which users of pitchers boast about. In addition to healthy and tasty water, we also provide ourselves with economy and convenience.

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