Want to make the most of your space? Check out these storage ideas

With more and more people moving to cities, the prices of houses are getting higher and the sizes of homes are getting smaller, which means it can be a tight squeeze when it comes to fitting all of your belongings into your new home.

No matter how big or small your house is, it seems that there’s never enough storage space. So, take inspiration from some of these hacks for fitting more into your home and get the most out of every square inch..

Shelves behind the door

No-one makes good use of the space behind doors, but it can be an excellent place for storage solutions if used cleverly. By using shallow shelves fitted behind the door, you can store things like bottles, boxes of useful equipment and anything that isn’t too broad.

Hanging rod and open shelf

If you install a hanging rod anywhere in your room that is small, it will save you hours of hard work ironing the clothes and give you extra space above it to keep other things. You can easily hang your clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer or if you have ironed them and avoid any wrinkles. You can fix the rod easily above the washer too, all you need is a standard bracket, and closet rod and custom made shelf depending on the length of the rods. The rack can be used to place tools in plastic boxes or even folded clothes.

Drawers under the stairs

When we talk about storage spaces, one of the most effective and efficient ways is to install storage drawers under the stairs. It is a place which goes to waste because of the steep angles and structure but now customised racks and shelves are available which can be incorporated easily and can present you with ample space to hide the clutter ranging from smaller things to bigger items that otherwise cannot be placed anywhere because you didn’t have enough place.

Use empty suitcases

Another underrated idea is that you can use the extra bags in your home to keep seasonal clothing in them which otherwise take the bulk of space in the cupboards and wardrobe. You can learn ways to fold clothes efficiently by watching videos available on YouTube which will give even more space to work with because you will be able to fit in more stuff in smaller areas and eventually free up space in other parts of your house.

Rollouts under the cabinets

Kitchen is usually the place which has the most stuff because there are many small items. You can make use of spaces below the cabinets by placing high ankle rollouts. They are not difficult to make if you decide to start a project on your own and are readily available in the market. They can be placed seamlessly under the cabinets and used to store things such as utensils, baking trays, and serving pans.

Vertical Bookshelves

Vertical bookshelves or floor to ceiling bookshelves can come in handy if you have a lot of books in the house and not enough space to keep them. These are unconventional book racks that do not take much space, and you can keep books on them effortlessly. But there is no requirement of keeping just books; they can also be used to keep the decoration pieces and other items that otherwise can only be kept on tablets and side drawers.

Pull down racks

These racks provide quick access to the essential kitchen items such as knives, cutters, spoons and forks and even spice jars. You do not need to have any spice boxes or knife holders if you implement this idea. When you are done with cooking, you can push the rack back to the place under the cabinet, which means it’s easy to use and keeps the area clean. These racks are readymade and available at any big hardware store.

Folded tables

These tables are helpful if especially if you have guests visiting or kids in the house because they can be easily placed along the wall and then folded back once you have used them. Kids can use them to do homework instead of having a permanent study table. If you less space and visitors you can again benefit from the multipurpose fold down table to place food and other things on them. Once they are gone, you can wrap them up and hide them in the storeroom until further need.

Floor to ceiling cupboard

If you have small rooms and a lot of stuff to keep in them, then it makes sense to install a closet on one side of the room instead of a wall. It should not be the conventional one but must contain shelves, racks, drawers and rods altogether so that you can keep a variety of items in the cupboard. The shelves can be used to hold larger objects such as quilts and blankets; rods can be used to hang clothes, the drawers utilised for smaller items that create a mess around the house.

These are just some of the main concepts that you can incorporate into your houses, which will be helpful for all sizes and locations. There are many more such ideas that you can benefit from. First, decide the things that you want to store, then identify the places you think can be used for storage and then come up with a plan to make use of the space, because it’s true, there is always more space in your house than you think.

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