Driveway Solutions: What Are the Options?

Driveway Solutions

If the time has come to resurface the driveway, it might be a better idea to use a different material, rather than resurfacing the existing driveway. You might have a tarmac drive, or perhaps loose stones, and with the other alternatives offering much, here are a few suggestions.

  • Block Paving – Take a look at a few of the expert driveways in Leedsthat were built with block paving and you will see a wide range of design options. When installed correctly, a drainage system is first put in place, and as the blocks are semi-permeable, the water can drain away naturally.
  • Resin Bound – The clear resin is premixed with the aggregate and spread over the driveway, leaving a stunning finish that will not degrade, and with a degree of elasticity in the resin, the surface can expand or contract with the temperature changes.
  • Tarmac – There are those who won’t be tempted, and there’s a lot to be said for using tarmac. The proper installation ensures a long-lasting solution, and with a thick layer of tarmac, the driveway will be able to handle regular traffic with ease.
  • Paving – Regular paving slabs are a popular choice, and the range of colours does offer you choices. Block paving is stronger, as the blocks are square shaped and designed to handle pressure.

Whatever material you use, a professional installation is advised, and Google can help you find a local company that specialises in driveways, and they can help you choose a combination that works for you.

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